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December 22, 2011 / vintageglamqueen

The Paper Dress

I think this is so cool and just learned about it the other day! The picture above, is of original paper dresses from the 1960’s. Then I added some photos of modern paper dress designs, mostly wedding gowns. I am so trying to make one now! Will not go out in public in it though…might get arrested for indecent exposure.

“In 1966, Scott Paper Company invented the paper dress, intended as a marketing tool. For one dollar, women could buy the dress and also receive coupons for Scott paper products. The paper dress, shapeless and unattractive, wasn’t an invention meant to be taken seriously, but women surprised the company by ordering half a million of these dresses in under a year. It might sound surprising to us, but when you remember that this was a time in history that had just gotten used to disposable cutlery, plates and diapers, this new fashion was appealing. People were demanding more convenience and instant gratification. What was more instantly gratifying than a dress you could hem yourself with only a pair of scissors, or a dress that could simply be thrown out if it got dirty?”.

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